Rope and Ball Toy


  • Beautiful and Vibrant Colors
  • Dental and Heath; Improves your dogs dental health by cleaning their teeth, massaging gums, reducing plaque build-up, as well as preventing gum disease.
  • Perfect for hours of interactive play with your pet
  • Designed for  all size dogs; small dogs will bit the rope while large dogs go for the ball. 
  • Great to play retrieving games and tug-of-war
  • 1 randomized color per gift basket

This great pet toy is perfect for tossing and tug-of-war. Play with your pet while helping him keep healthy teeth! This rope is ideal for wrestling and playing fetch. The rope will go between your pet's teeth to clean out leftovers and helps control plaque and tartar build-up, thus reducing plaque build -up and preventing gum disease.