Self-Warming Fleece Cushion


  • Easy wash and care; Cover is machine washable
  • Non-slip base provides stability
  • Soft fleece top for added comfort; Keep your pet cozy and comfortable
  • Self warming; Radiates warmth back to your pet
  • Place on any bed or simply place on the floor
  • No batteries, cords or electrical outlet needed
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
If you're a pet owner, you know that snuggling up to your dog or cat on a cold night is almost as good as sitting beside a blasting furnace. They probably feel the same way about you, but you're not available to act as their private oven all the time. With this self-warming cushion, your furry best friend can always feel cozy and snug, as it captures your pet's body heat and radiates back luxurious warmth. But don't worry - they'll probably still choose you over the bed if they have the choice. After all, the bed doesn't give them treats!