Catch-the-Mouse Toy


  • No batteries required; it's your cat's natural instinct for hunting and pouncing that will keep this toy in motion and keep the mouse spinning¬†¬†
  • Cats love trying to catch the spinning mouse inside; offers hours of fun and exercise
  • Ideal for any size cats; ¬†
  • Non-slip rubber pads protect your floor
  • Keeps cats active and engaged for hours; so he or she doesn't scratch and destroy furniture, carpets or curtains
  • 1 randomized color per gift basket

Natural motion charges up and makes the mouse spin

The Catch-the-Mouse motion cat toy is grooming and fun all in one. The carpeted scratch pad keeps you cat’s nails clean, healthy and strong. Plus the mouse spins round and round with just the swipe of the paw to encourage healthy exercise and play.