Two Sided PET Grooming Brush


  • Stimulates Skin & Natural Oils - Brushing your dog's fur keeps natural essential oils circulating
  • Prevents Skin Irritations - Double sided combo brush gets rid of loose hair, dirt and debris
  • Bristle brush is ideal for all pets, wire pin brushes are suited for medium to long, curly hair
  • Comfort Grip - Large ergonomic handle for extra comfort and control when brushing your pet's hair
  • Soft and Gentle - Rounded tips on wire pins make it easy and comfortable to groom your pet
  • Suitable for Dogs and Cats

Regular brushing will help reduce your pet's hair shedding

The combo brush is an all-purpose pet grooming brush that features a double-sided design for versatile use. Brush has bristles on one side, pins on the other.